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The PTO funds programs that foster your child development

The Stevens Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the education and welfare of students, to enriching classroom learning, to supporting teachers, and to organizing events that cultivate a cooperative community and social climate for students, families, and staff. The PTO strives to foster a healthy partnership with teachers and staff and to promote active involvement from our parent community. As part of striving for those goals, each year the PTO supports Stevens Creek Elementary School by raising funds that supplements what is provided to the school from public funds received from the state. The PTO promotes open communication and understanding between parents and school staff. The PTO strives to support high quality education for students and to help students achieve their highest potential.

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there are many ways for parents to help the school



See our list of volunteer positions.
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Please support the PTO by making a donation here. Every single dollar raised by the PTO is used to fund programs that foster your child's development.


Business Sponsorships

Please recruit local businesses and corporations to support our 2017 Walk-a-Thon. Please contact us for more information.


Here ARE THE latest announcements from the PTo FaCEBOOK GROUP

(Message from school office. PTO provided funding to support the art program)
Tonight we will be having our Art Show and Band Performance from 5 pm - 7 pm.

We will have (3) food trucks (Road Dogs, Fish Taco Wabo, and Kona Ice) so bring the entire family!

At 5 pm our GLC doors will open and you will be invited into the Stevens Creek Gallery of Fine Art, where creative masterpieces by all of our Stevens Creek students will be on display! What a sight it will be!

Then, at 5:30 pm, relax outdoors at the picnic tables and enjoy the musical talents of our S'Cool Spirit Band as they perform a beautiful ensemble.

It will truly be a night to remember!
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(THANK YOU from Project Cornerstone 2016-2017 Lead Jian)
Dear ABC readers at Stevens Creek:

Thanks for your efforts to improve school climate, empower youth to become UP-standers, and bring a “New Normal” to our school through your work as Asset Building Champions!

Book #1 “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon”:
You empowered students to celebrate their positive identity.

Book #2 “My Secret Bully”:
You taught students to understand friendship boosters and busters, and encourage them to discuss problems with caring adults.

Book #3 “Don't Laugh at Me”:
You helped students express tolerance for others so that everyone feels accepted, valued and safe.

Book #4 “The Blue Day Book for Kids”:
You showed students how to accept and deal with feelings and act and switch directions to change the outcome of their days.

Book #5 “Long Shot”:
You inspired students to explore and discover their sparks and set a GPS to achieve their dreams.

Book #6 “Rene Has Two Last Names”:
You reminded students that diversity makes us stronger, and you put curiosity into their minds to learn about different cultures.

Book #7 “Enemy Pie”:
You enlightened students to see opportunities in making new friends and overcome prejudice and stereotyping in building friendship.

Book #8 “The OK Book”:
You instilled the growth mindset in students to embrace trying new things, build resiliency skills, and enjoy the process of learning.
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Summer Garden Club Sign up (at Stevens Creek)
(Stevens Creek PTO proudly supports the Garden Project)

Sign up here to enjoy gardening with your kids this summer:

Please join us for our last garden club for 2016-2017 on June 2nd, 2017 from 3 pm to 4pm.

(Below is from Garden Parent Team Ralitsa McQuirk and Naoko Hoshizaki)

Our garden club is in an urgent need of volunteers to help water and maintain the school garden during the summer months. We need someone to help us fix the irrigation system or to visit the garden twice a week to "deep' water the garden. Garden Club is the activity to maintain the school garden behind Room 1 and 2 by:

1) Growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers,
2) Coordinating with teachers to bring class groups to the garden to weed, plant and taste ripe crops for educational purpose,
3) Shoveling/raking, planting, watering, and weeding,
4) Having occasional open-garden events. Carrots and broccoli have been harvested by students this spring. Beans, corns, sunflowers, strawberries, and lots more, are growing and should be ready towards summer.

Garden Club welcomes volunteers who love growing plants! Students and novice gardeners are welcomed-- and training will be provided by the garden club as needed.
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Kumiko Takamatsu, Heidi Griesshaber Johnson and 2 others like this

Jian HeIt'll be a fun project to do with my kids this summer! Hope more families can sign up once this summer to help and learn about gardening.

2 months ago

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Sending the BIGGEST Thank You out to EVERYONE involved in the Science Fair today! The projects were unique, informative, creative and educational!
5th Grade Students and Teachers you Outdid yourselves! You should be Proud! Every single person that visited today enjoyed viewing the projects and I hear people Learned Something too. 😉
Thank You Thank You Thank You to ALL our Volunteers, YOU truly make a difference in the success of these events! Please join us again next time!
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Cheri Keller-George, Michal Caspi Tal and 2 others like this

She LyonWhat an awesome day today!!!!

2 months ago   ·  1

Monique ThomasI am still SMILING!

2 months ago

Jian HeThank you Monique Thomas for organizing the Science Fair. It was a great success! What a festival celebration of learning and exploring! We definitely will make one next year, to include more kids as the presenters. Welcome parent volunteers to join in the fun experience for all ages! 👍

2 months ago   ·  1

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(From Science Fair Team) You are invited to join us to support the 5th Grade Science Fair coming this Tuesday on May 23rd. Please sign up to volunteer at the link:

5th graders will present from 11am-12:30pm, and lower graders will take turns to visit the Science Fair from 9:30am to 2:30pm. They will surely get inspired to create their own science projects.

Please see teachers' updated event schedule at the link:

Thanks for your support! Hope to see you there!
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Jian HeScience Fair Banner was made today. We also found a big box of science fair supplies in the PTO shed. Thanks to the previous PTO Science Fair teams!

2 months ago

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(From: Michelle Molotsi and Gayathri Kalyanaraman, PTO co-presidents 2016-2017)

Thank you to our Outgoing and Incoming PTO Boards!

PTO funds many of the essential programs that we love at Stevens Creek Elementary. Programs like art, music, and technology, classroom allowances, grade level enrichments, and more! The PTO’s support allows these programs to continue and grow at our school.

The PTO board ensures the smooth operation of the PTO and provides necessary governance to the organization. Without the support of these dedicated volunteers, we would not have an organization to provide the needed support to continue these programs at Stevens Creek.

Please join us in thanking this year’s outgoing PTO board for their service:
• Co-presidents: Michelle Molotsi & Gayathri Kalyanaraman
• VP of Fundraising: Arushi Gehani
• VP of Grants: Vikram Makhija • Secretary: Vandana Sukhija
• Co-Treasurers: Praveena Katkuri & Jian He
• Check Depositor: Lalitha Jaikanth
• Health & Safety: David Fan & John Polidoro
• Room Parent Coordinators: Giuliana Schilling & Jamie Shkolnik
• Principal: Diane Prystas
• Staff Liaison: Michelle Telstad & Carolyn Tammel

On May 11th, the membership of the PTO elected a new board for next year. Please join us in welcoming these individuals to the PTO Board for 2017-2018:

• Co-presidents: Monique Thomas & open (seeking nominees)
• Co-VP of Fundraising: open
• Co-VP of Grants: open
• Secretary: open
• Co-Treasurers: Jian He & open
• Check Depositor: open
• Co-Health & Safety: open
• Co-Room Parent Coordinators: open
• Principal: Diane Prystas
• Staff Liaison: open

The remaining openings will be filled at the September PTO meeting, if you are interested in serving in one of the open positions, or are interested in learning more about the positions, please contact Monique Thomas ( or Jian He (

Many thanks to the new board for being willing to serve in these positions next year!
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Don't You Just Love Science??

The Science Fair is coming!!! We encourage parents to stop by the 5th grade Science Fair on Tuesday, May 23 from 9:30 to 2:30. Students put a lot of effort into their unique projects, we are looking forward to a fun educational experience!


Please sign up at the link below to help set up and clean up, and help students during the event. Thank you!

Please email Monique at if you have any questions.
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Heidi Griesshaber Johnson, Praveena Katkuri and 2 others like this

Jian HeGreat to know Science Fair is coming! I love Science indeed. I will be there to support the effort of inspiring children to learn, explore, and exchange science ideas.

2 months ago

Ramya VenkataramanCool. I do have a question though. Why wasn't the science fair open to the lower grades? My daughter participated when she was in 1st grade and now she can't even in the 4th? 😔

2 months ago

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Come Grow With Us!

Hello, Stevens Creek Families! My name is Monique Thomas and I am one of your new PTO Co-Presidents. I am excited for the opportunity to help at school and to get to know our new community. We are recruiting!! WE NEED YOU!!! Volunteer's make a huge difference in what we are able to do for the school, so please, join the PTO, come to the next PTO meeting! Help us improve and enrich the school life of our children.

For upcoming 2017-2018 school year, all the Co-positions for the PTO Executive Board are OPEN. Please email me at or contact Jian at for any questions regarding our PTO. We can't wait to hear from you!
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Meenu Devrani, Aidan O'Brien and 4 others like this

Jian HeThank you Monique for taking the lead! Look forward to growing each day with you and our community! 🙂

2 months ago

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(Thanks to Stevens Creek PTO for purchasing all the Project Cornerstone books this year!) Book #7 "Enemy Pie" emphasizes the importance of taking time to learn about people before passing judgment. The summer had seemed perfect until Jeremy Ross moved into the neighborhood, quickly becoming “enemy number one”. Jeremy teased and made fun of the narrator and the narrator “took the bait.” The narrator talked to his father, a caring adult in his life. His dad offered to help with a recipe for enemy pie! The chief ingredient in enemy pie was time spent in the company of “the enemy”. Thanks to Dad’s special recipe, Jeremy and the narrator discover they have a lot in common and become friends.

This book reminds us that caring adults can create opportunities for friendships to bloom, even when misconceptions, prejudice and fear are obstacles. Here are ways to create these opportunities:

1) Start a conversation to find out what is happening.
2) Do an activity together and talk about the situation.
3) Role-play how to start a conversation with someone new.
4) Create your own secret ingredient by finding ways for classmates to spend time with each other.

As the most influential and caring adult in your own child’s life, look for opportunities to help guide and promote behaviors promoting acceptance, inclusion, and forgiveness. Your actions will help your child learn to use friendship boosters as secret ingredients to form and maintain friendships. These secret ingredients are the friendship boosters that will help your child connect with others, find common ground, and build assets!

Enjoy the video: "Turning Enemies to Friends". Happy Mother's Day weekend to you all!
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Guangjing Chencan we borrow books from school?

2 months ago

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Jian HeCredits of video collections go to Project Cornerstone at YMCA. More videos can be found at

2 months ago

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Who We Are


  • Michelle Molotsi, Co-President
  • Gayathri Kalyanaraman, Co-President
  • Vandana Sukhija, Secretary
  • Arushi Gehani, Co-VP Fundraising
  • Adriana Patti Aldana, Co-VP Fundraising
  • Vikram Makhija, VP Grants
  • Jian He, Co-Treasurer
  • Praveena Katkuri, Co-Treasurer
  • Lalitha Vilvarayanallur, Check Depositor
  • David Fan, Co-VP Health & Safety
  • John Polidoro, Co-VP Health & Safety
  • Jamie Shkolnik, Room Parent Coordinator
  • Giuliana Schilling, Room Parent Coordinator
  • Diane Prytas, Principal
  • Michelle Telstad, Staff Liaison
  • Carolyn Tammel, Staff Liaison